Have a Smart Stay.

Why Pay More?

Get the app now!

Our app offers you the best price and lets you use the self-check-in kiosk to speed up the procedure. After check-in, the mobile key will be active and you can simply use your phone as the room key. It also enables you to control the facilities with a simple touch from anywhere during your stay.

Here are the hints to make your stay more convenient.

Register an account and submit the information required for the real-name verification.

It may take roughly 5 minutes but can save precious time when you check in and the tedious procedures for the next stay.

Please enter the guest’s name, gender, date of birth and ID number exactly as it appears on the government-issued photo identification.

Meanwhile, the preferred name and profile picture can be added to customise. You can edit or add information for more travellers by clicking “+” on the top corner.

When you arrive at the hotel, guests can simply use the self-check-in kiosk and use their mobile phone as the room key.

The hi-tech experience continues in the room. All facilities can be operated via this app. Guest can also schedule, monitor and remotely control temperature, turn on and off lights and adjust as needed.

These devices learn behaviours and will automatically modify setting to provide guests with maximum comfort and enable personalised service.            

When service is required, guests can readily get in touch with our staff by message or call in this app.                                                 

Make your journey unforgettable. Download the app and sign up/log in to your account. Now your smart journey begins.